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Baby Programme (0 -24 mnths)

Early Stimulation and massaging for the optimal development of babies between 0-2 years.
This 15-20 minute routine is on one on one base with baby.

The Baby Programme relieves, stimulates & help with among others:

• Colic
• Teething
• Immune System
• Body Awareness
• Good circulation
• Muscle Tension

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Pedi Kinetics (2 -7 years)

The purpose of this program is to promote the optimal development of the young child.
Gross motor skills are focused on in group format.

Components in a lesson:

• Fundemental Skills
• Co-ordination
• Rythm
• Ball Skills
• Balance
• Body Awareness
• Spatial Orientation
• Strength & Muscle Tone
• Agility
• Bilateral Integration
• Vestibular Function


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Remedial Kinetics (0 -13 years)

This programme is specially
designed to cater according to the childs needs.

Ideal for children with:

• Motor development delays
• Physical movement delays
• Learning Problems
• Visual Problems
• Physical Innactiveness
• Disabilities

We also offer Scientific Evaluations, Home Programmes& School Readiness Evaluations.


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Vision and learning (all ages)

The visual system is more than just the eyes; it is an integration of the entire body. Vision is the ability to
visualize, understand and apply the information that comes through the eyes. Children with 20/20 sight may
not have these abilities. Therefore, learning problems are often related to vision problems.

Key benefits to visual training:

• Train the visual skills necessary for our daily demands.
• Enhancing reading and learning potential.
• Improve the ability in our visual system to sustain the function.
• Create a stable, reliable information gathering system.

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