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What's in a name...

Our name has profound meaning, and was well thought through, as the founder strongly believes that every child is a miracle.

The meaning of Miraculum, from Latin origin, means "object of wonder" or "marvelous event caused by God"

Kinetics, from Greek kinetikos, from kinein, which means to move.


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Our Values

The vision and mission of the Kinetic program of Miraculum Kinetics are guided by a commitment to the following values:

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The word KINDER (children) refers to the specialization area focussing on children between birth and 12 years of age, and KINESES 

(movement) refers to the enhancing and rectifying of children’s movement abilities.


Kinderkinetics is a specialized paediatric field that aims to promote & optimize the neuro-motor development, movement abilities

and the execution of skills through scientifically based physical activity. It is currently endorsed and presented by 4 Universities in South Africa. 

At the various universities, Kinderkinetici are trained to thoroughly understand a child's progressive development from a movement perspective

by completing a 3 year degree in Human Movement Science and obtaining an Honours Degree, specializing in Kinderkinetics. Kinderkinetici

are thus qualified therapists and paediatric exercise scientists who can present various programs to children from birth through to adolescence.

These professional programs differ according to the various levels of age, skill and need of a child.


With regards to the various Kinderkinetic programs: they all have a preventing, improving and/or therapeutic nature to meet the specific needs

of a child as determined through internationally recognized scientific test batteries such as the PDMS-2, BOT-2 and QNST-3.

This, as well as the fact that only registered Kinderkinetici may present the classes, underlines the total uniqueness of these programs.

The programs are further filled with lots of fun and lay a strong foundation for future academic success. Consequently, Kinderkinetics

helps children ‘reach heights’ and be the best that they can be.

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Who works with your child?

Kinderkinetici (qualified therapists and paediatric exercise scientists), registered with the South African Professional Institute for Kinderkinetics (SAPIK).

Qualifications at Miraculum Kinetics include:

• A 3 year Degree in Human Movement Science,

• An Honours Degree Specializing in Kinderkinetics,

• Various coaching courses and 300 practical hours

• An INHERIT love for children!

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Why Miraculum Kinetics

Proper motor and perceptual-motor development are main areas that need to be addressed by experts in their fields.

Why, you may ask? Experts are trained to recognize and address the unique needs of each child according to their

individual development. Motor abilities are further one of the key factors for school readiness, while the health of

children has a strong relationship with physical activity patterns. Brain research also proved that movement

increases the number of connections in the brain and that it contributes to the eventual structure of the brain.


Motor development is therefore regarded as the foundation of total development in children as it affects

all other facets of their development and impacts their total well-being.

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